About Us

Stil d.o.o. is a company with a long business experience on the foreign market.

Most of our workers are deployed overseas, where we are working on the construction of large structures (bridges, buildings, stadiums), and accordingly, we are expanding our business in Croatia.

We are located in the business complex “Panex”, Zagrebačka 99, Čakovec. We are currently in the domestic market  making finished products at customer’s request and cooperating with esteemed companies as subcontractors.

We are specialized for production of different kinds of metal constructions, with productive welding activities. We are confident, high quality workers who follow deadlines.

Technological possibilities of our company ensure production of different kinds of products, such as cauldron, gearboxes, cable boxes etc.

We only use machines and equipment from renowned world manufacturers (Lincoln Electric, Fronius, Varstroj, Bosch etc) .

Our advantage is our highly qualified work force that performs all of the above mentioned works, our team of locksmiths and certified welders.

Basic principle of our company are trust, persistence, professionalism and legitimacy.

Our vision is to move forward, follow the global production and technology trends using our knowledge, skills and experience.

Company’s mission is to follow the principle of business and social responsibility, to actively take part on the market as an established name and brand.